Widely popular variations of online baccarat

The online casino industry is coming up with a range of games with various elements to attract new customers. Baccarat is one of the most preferred games online and you can สมัครบาคาร่า on almost all online casinos. It is a simple game where you should guess the respective hand that will get a specific total while dealt. However, there are several variations within this game. The variations could be in the form of rules or the number of cards used. The following are a few of the widely popular baccarat games.

Punto bunco 

If you choose an online casino with the origin of the USA, Canada, or Australia, you can find the punto bunco variation of baccarat. Here, the casino management will always be the banker, and no player can deal with those activities. Most of the rules of standard baccarat will fit this variation also.

Chemin de fer

The European variation of the card comparison game is known as Chemin de fer. As it will be played differently than the American type, you should go through the variations for a bit before attempting the game. For instance, there will not be any bankers from the casino’s end. Anyone from the playing group should act as the dealer. The players can take turns to do so as the game is a multiplayer version. Similarly, a third-card consideration will come if the total gets to five. The players have options to stay unaltered also.

Baccarat en Banque

In European online casinos, you can find another variation along with Chemin de fer known as baccarat en Banque. Here also, there will be a variation concerning the banker or dealer’s position. However, there will not be turns for the players to act as a dealer but the one who is facing a higher risk will get the chance. All other rules of handling the cards and winner calculation will be similar to Chemin de fer.

Super pan 9

If you love to play the American version of games, you can go for Super pan 9 baccarat. This card comparison game differs from other variations to a greater extent as there will be only three + 1 cards in use for every player. Also, the deck of the cards will contain only thirty-six cards with the exclusion of cards from 7 to 9. However, the objective of the game is similar to other types.